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China rubber imports in 2008 will increase to 1900000 tons compa

China Rubber Industry Association estimates,abercormbie france, China 2008 natural balata imported a quantity to will continue to increase,maillot foot, of about 1900000 tons,abercormbie, increased 9% over the same period.Integrated media on September 24th,abercormbie and fitch, China Rubber Industry Association estimates,franklin marshall, in 2008 China need to import 1900000 tons of natural rubber,louis vuitton, grow 9% compared to the same period.
Despite the current domestic rubber yield is higher,abercrombie, but the Chinese rubber imports of raw materials will continue to increase,louis vuitton outlet, import rubber in terms of quality and price still has strong competitiveness, if private farmers to improve technology and management,maillot de foot pas cher, balata crop will increase further.
China is the world's largest rubber consumption country,sac longchamp pas cher, the newest statistic data shows,abercrombie paris, China 1-8 months of imports of natural rubber 1120000 tons,louboutin, grow 8.8% compared to the same period.Is expected in 2010 of domestic natural rubber production was 780000 tons,chaussure adidas, growth was mainly attributable to private planting rubber area expansion.

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According to the company announcement shows, China industry real estate acquisition Sheng mining, which has 2 prospecting right, respectively Ningqiang County in Shaanxi Province gold room ditch, copper and gold mine in Shaanxi province and the county of Shan head ? Swallow ditch area gold deposit.

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Yanjiao hair default storm

&ldquo ;demolition were removed,jordan, why not give us !&rdquo ;Hebei a developer representative in December 11th a Yanjiao residential land in the opening scene of grab another developers into the hands of the letter of acceptance ,angrily torn in half .
Suddenly ,Yanjiao Land Bureau staff ,notaries and evaluation team of experts in the field blank .No one shows any interest in Yanjiao from to hot,louboutin, a 200000 square meters of land in the end is placed under the spotlight .
This is a common land for sale ,but because of the interests of all parties to the dispute ,will all sorts of questions from behind the push to the front .Storm is the cause of this is located in Yan plots with suspected &ldquo default &rdquo ;.
In the day before the opening ,in which some developers have already smell the same smell .Informed sources told reporters ,from the local land departments for the winning bidder of the various requirements,abercormbie france, &ldquo ;this land is likely to have taken &rdquo ;.
Yanjiao Land Bureau sources in 12 beginning to respond to speculation .&ldquo ;for our requirements,franklin marshall, the developers are able to do ,we are also in order to put the land to a stronger company .
&rdquo ;behind these storms ,Yanjiao land market ,sac longchamp pas cher,and even the real estate market positioning awkward are highlighted :a this with export qualification market ,suddenly encountered in the Beijing high prices squeeze effect ,louboutin,because the time adjustment followed years of land sell one unspoken rule & rdquo ;&ldquo ;and full of contradictions .
Tender storm in November of this year, Hebei Sanhe Land Resources Bureau releases announcement to say ,louboutin,will be sold by tender in Yanjiao economic and Technological Development Zone Yan on the west side of a state-owned construction land use right .
The plots of land for the construction of more than 200000 square meters ,the initial trading price of over 395000000 yuan .According to the Sanhe Land Bureau, the applicant may purchase bidding documents from November 20th to December 9th ,December 11 mornings immediately after the opening of the closing of tender .
The average bid has triggered a barrage of questions ,air jordan,because from the tender documents to the winning bidder requirements .Be informed that, the tender was &ldquo ;Ming s black &rdquo ;mark .
In the tender notes ,to winning the bid the person put forward : one is the winning bidder for the demolition bidding sold plots of land are still affect the development and construction of the attachment ;two since the start of the winning bidder within one year of the date of acceptance for demolition plot east side ,Yan on the west side of the buildings on the land ,and capital were being taken to compensate ;three is successful since the date of 5 days and jujube forest village committee the signing of Chengzhongcun transformation protocol ,according to the agreement agreed, on jujube forest village curtilage base and other demolition compensation ,the accelerated building placement ,village collective public accumulation of reserves and other related to compensation and other compensation arrangements are in place .
The sound of doubt to third requirements .A bid for the developers told reporters ,louis vuitton outlet,according to the provisions of &ldquo ;and the village committee and the signing of relocation compensation properties of the agreement ,usually require villager conference or the villagers ,abercrombie paris,demolition scheme through public programs .
Under normal circumstances ,the bidder may not have in 5 days to reach such a major terms and conditions of the agreement .&rdquo ;insider, jujube forest village committee responsible person said, early in June 15th ,he has been represented in jujube forest village and above a development enterprise signed relocation agreements ,and compensation to the villagers relocation costs 370000000 yuan .
From the beginning of July ,chaussure adidas,the company began the demolition ,louboutin pas cher,and in September it has been basically completed the demolition work .&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;the person this judgement ,the plot has been host, &ldquo ;bidding process but is a form of &rdquo ;.
Sanhe Land Bureau deputy director Liang Guolin denied this claim .He thinks ,if the developers of the plots of interest, &ldquo ;why not do work ,go ahead and the village committee to communicate? &rdquo ;for the winning bidder shall dismantle the plots of the remaining building requirements ,the developers also raised objections .
Hebei Province in accordance with the on the further strengthening of the reconstruction of village in the city work notice of the relevant provisions, &ldquo ;unified by government organizations around the village in the city housing demolition ,the original village of compensation and resettlement, relocation of all the land purchasing and storage &rdquo ;.
&ldquo ;the early land development completed in order to enter the bidding procedure ,should not be set by the bidder for the removal of such additional conditions .&rdquo ;these people think .
Liang Guolin also has his own interpretation .&ldquo ;the concrete analysis of concrete problems ,here we have one or two levels of development of land .&rdquo ;Liang said ,Yanjiao area land at present there is no &ldquo ;net transfer rules ,but the implementation of &rdquo ;&ldquo ;&rdquo transferring hair ;.
Understand according to the reporter ,this assignment in 2008 in Hebei a city there .It is the process of reform ,according to the actual situation in the region ,estimated development cost ,determine the transformation of regional land net income scheme ,sac longchamp,followed by city hall approval ,finally by the departments of land and resources in accordance with procedures auction ,bid for the development of enterprises and units concerned residents resettlement compensation movements .
&ldquo ;this is mainly to solve the problem of lack of government financial capital .&rdquo ;Liang Guolin said .However ,the transferring hair style with land hoarding are inseparable in the near future the industry criticism .

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According to the company announcement shows, China industry real estate acquisition Sheng mining, which has 2 prospecting right, respectively Ningqiang County in Shaanxi Province gold room ditch, copper and gold mine in Shaanxi province and the county of Shan head — Swallow ditch area gold deposit.

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The stock market continued to adjust residents savings to accele

With the stock market and property market continued to adjust, and foreign currency deposits growth rate is increasing rapidly.According to the people's Bank of China issued 12 data,louboutin pas cher, at the end of 10,abercrombie, financial institutions and foreign currency deposits 47.
05 yuan, grow 20.45% compared to the same period.Financial institutions RMB deposits 45.83 yuan,abercrombie paris, grow 21.1% compared to the same period, only 2.31 percentage point higher last month,sac longchamp pas cher, also a record over the past 5 years to come is new tall.
Further data shows, this year 1-10 month Renminbi savings deposits increased by 6.9 yuan, up by 2.6 yuan.In October the Renminbi savings deposits increased by 339000000000 yuan,abercormbie, up by 788700000000 yuan (449700000000 yuan the same period last year).
A banking analyst on the Shanghai Securities News said,louboutin, the stock market and property market remains in the doldrums,abercormbie france, causing residents tend to deposit.In addition, the rise of the stock market in October last year,sac longchamp, is the most fierce,louis vuitton outlet, this may be the main reason of high deposit growth innovation.
From the sub-sector situation: household deposits increased by 315500000000 yuan,franklin marshall, up by 821700000000 yuan (506200000000 yuan the same period last year); non financial companies reduce deposits 194100000000 yuan,air jordan, up by more than 1500000000 yuan; fiscal deposits increased by 206500000000 yuan, up by 700000000 yuan less.
The analyst thinks,adidas pas cher, the data display, household deposits increased to the RMB deposit growth innovation high play a decisive role.With the economic downturn,chaussure adidas, most enterprises are facing financial pressure, which may be the result of deposits of financial corporations to reduce the main reason.

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According to the company announcement shows, China industry real estate acquisition Sheng mining, which has 2 prospecting right, respectively Ningqiang County in Shaanxi Province gold room ditch, copper and gold mine in Shaanxi province and the county of Shan head ? Swallow ditch area gold deposit.

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Kashi housing prices in the regulation of capital boost temperat

Market regulation to set prices in Kashi ,the &quot &quot ;heat ;this will prompt City pushed to the opinion of the eye of the storm .In August 9th, the national development and Reform Commission said ,after investigation ,about " Hongkong ,Guangdong real mission entire floor will be purchased ,maillot de foot pas cher,&quot ;&quot ;Kashi house one day a price ,more than two months prices quickly doubled &quot ;such information is not true .
The the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Department of construction and prior findings are consistent .But the official investigation results can not completely calm public questioning .In 2010 May, the central work conference in Xinjiang formally approved the establishment of special economic zones in Kashi ,then Kashi - this in many real estate developers eyes even three line positions are not the local property market ,starts to enter the media view .
Public concern is &quot ;Kashi will become the next Sanya &quot ;&quot ;alert ,Northwest Building attracted capital numerous &quot ;.&quot ;and this time last year ,house prices have risen almost doubled .
&quot ;in August 3rd, has long been concerned about the prices of Kashi resident Xie Yanfeng tells China Construction &middot Journal of China Housing reporter .According to the much home orgnaization statistical data shows ,louboutin pas cher,July, Kashi city with 3250 yuan / square meters fold over Karamay City ,become Xinjiang house second high city .
And all this, all occurring in one individual GDP only $15000 for the city .&quot ;rely on local economic strength ,support this price is not realistic .&quot ;Xie Yanfeng said .Special economic zone was established is indeed a beautiful story ,but this story is clearly very distant .
Our reporter was informed ,Kashi Economic Development Zone Construction Leading Group Office in the recently established,louis vuitton outlet, the special economic zone of the specific planning and special policy only in the formulation ,has not been reported to the state for examination and approval ,the releasing time conservative estimates to the end of the year .
Apparently ,the price of &quot ;&quot ;once again reached the area ahead of the &quot ;&quot .According to the experience ,using the concept of speculation ,to boost prices most continued to be difficult,louboutin, hard to get a room from &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;there are no price, &quot ;it might happen in between morning and evening .
&quot ;western city accelerate the development and opening up are represent the general trend ,louboutin,but fear is excessive in real estate play spirit .&quot ;one industry expert said to reporter .
The restless while prices on the Kashi prices rose much &quot ;&quot ;the parties unable to agree on which is right ,but &quot ;Kashi housing prices rose &quot ;it is an indisputable fact .
Xie Yanfeng told the reporters :&quot ;the present urban in the sale of residential projects are tall ,6 floor price 3700 yuan / square meters ,with 50 yuan for each additional layer .The closest from Kashi Shule County ,in 2008 the price more than 1000 yuan / square meters of residential basic sells do not go out ,but now the price close to 2000 yuan / square meters .
&quot ;reportedly ,until January of this year ,the Kashi residential prices in 2000 yuan / square meters below the level of .A Kashi developers told reporters :&quot ;last year before November, 1700 yuan per square metre price often still see .
&quot ;&quot ;but at the beginning of this year ,sac longchamp pas cher,construction of Kashi Special Economic Zone &quot ;the proposal after the news ,abercrombie paris,Kashi housing prices began to rise stage by stage .According to many Organization statistics ,in March of this year so far ,abercormbie,Kashi housing prices rose 30% ,an increase of up to 40% shops .
In August 8th, Xie Yanfeng in Kashi ring border found in the sale of a commercial project for the price of 47000 ~5.5 yuan / square meters ,and sold out the basic .He told the reporters :&quot ;generally lots of commercial project price is 35000 yuan / square meters .
&quot ;according to some authorities in Hangzhou released in 2010 July China city price charts display data ,Kashi city with 3250 yuan / square metre fold over 3200 yuan / square meters of Karamay City ,become Xinjiang city the average price of second high .
Xie Yanfeng laments :&quot ;Karamay City income much higher than in Kashi .&quot ;another set of data can also describe the Kashi property market heating up speed .This year 1~5 month ,Kashi commercial housing sales reached 8.
3 million yuan ,abercormbie and fitch,grow 313.2% compared to the same period ,chaussure adidas,of which ,residential sales of 7.2 million yuan ,grow 359.4% compared to the same period .In a press interview process ,many local developers for the future of Kashi house price rising trend still full of confidence in &quot ;&quot ;,a local developers even use &quot &quot ;ready ;described to reporters Kashi property market .
He said ,adidas pas cher,Kashi is a national minority frontier area ,the new plan did not come on stage ,a lot of people still wait and see ,once the dust settles ,&quot ;its prosperity or speculation will come &quot ;.
New data from &quot ;it Kashi house price go situation ,because there is no meaning to be sold ,in build a project are not many .The new zone planning did not officially promulgated, the government does not approve new projects .
&quot ;an anonymous developer told reporters that .Kashi is currently in the project are not many ,maillot foot,the scale of more than one hundred thousand square meters of project rarely ,mostly 349 square meters .
Heng Kashi Real Estate Development Company Limited General Manager Xing Ying told this reporter said :&quot ;projects currently under construction there are a dozen ,the development of enterprises have more than a dozen .
&quot ;local government on average a cautious attitude .The reporter on the current Kashi real estate projects under construction ,jordan,in the sale of item quantity and prices of Kashi Construction Bureau of real estate department to verify, other staff refused to answer .

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According to the company announcement shows, China industry real estate acquisition Sheng mining, which has 2 prospecting right, respectively Ningqiang County in Shaanxi Province gold room ditch, copper and gold mine in Shaanxi province and the county of Shan head — Swallow ditch area gold deposit.

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Stern NBA in China gains Jeremy Lin played an important role in

Time of Beijing of sina sports dispatch on April 26th, according to ESPN Jared Ziwolin report,louis vuitton, NBA Commissioner David Stern in a recent meeting with the press,sac longchamp pas cher, fully affirmed the rise of Jeremy Lin,chaussure adidas, makes the NBA in China has reached a new level of income.
The local time Wednesday afternoon, he once a year in the playoffs before the start of the meeting with the press, Stern said,jordan, the NBA season in China in the ratings and media click-through rate are increased,adidas pas cher, and much of this is due to Jeremy Lin.
? this year, we in China's ratings did improve, but this is not only because of Jeremy Lin, though he did to enhance our Chinese ratings played a significant role, Stern said, ? ? we in the Chinese market will continue to rise, our game in sina.
com.cn, as well as other US media partner flow high, exceeded our expectations.?
? in the Chinese market have made progress,louboutin, we are very pleased, but we still expect to see a Chinese star.
With the continuous progress of Chinese basketball,sac longchamp, I have no doubt, there is no doubt that, the day has come.?
In the 2011-12 season, NBA in Chinese television, online and mobile phone client ratings,air jordan, this has reached a peak, but Jeremy Lin broke out in February 4th after a week and a half, the ratings rose to a new height.
According to statistics, CCTV crowd surge in the number 39%, NBA China's website to click a quantity to also amount to 4700000000 person-time (increase of 43% from last season).
Since then, the alliance in Asia and TV partners,abercormbie france, to broadcast matches the demand surge.
According to statistics,franklin marshall, in February the time,abercormbie, on sina.com.cn and micro-blog on Jeremy Lin number broke up nearly five times, from February 2nd 190000, reached 916000 in February 14th.While in the United States,louboutin pas cher, Jeremy Lin twitter user number, more than Lebron James twitter number.
No matter when Jeremy Lin returned from the ? ? may be in the second round of the playoffs,abercormbie and fitch, if Nicks can eliminate rank higher than their opponents (Chicago bulls or the Miami heat). ? ? ? insane ? will continue to heat up.

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According to the company announcement shows, China industry real estate acquisition Sheng mining, which has 2 prospecting right, respectively Ningqiang County in Shaanxi Province gold room ditch, copper and gold mine in Shaanxi province and the county of Shan head ? Swallow ditch area gold deposit.

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